What We Do

DanceLAB guides movers to explore, engage, reflect, and create through dance and yoga in a physically and mentally stimulating space. We offer weekly classes that encourage participants- young and old- to explore the possibilities, experiment with fundamental movement patterns and concepts, collaborate and play with other movers to develop a healthy, wholesome, mobile and aware body.  

The DanceLAB & YogaLAB class experiences are playful and engaging, in hope that each mover connect, explore, as well as deepen their understanding and appreciation of the dancing body. All classes include opportunity for creative expression and discovery! Through this form of curious engagement, DanceLAB hopes to bring more awareness and transformation to not just to the the participant's body but to the participant's life!

Who We Are


Rochelle teaches all YogaLAB classes, and youth DanceLAB classes and is known for her deep passion for creative expression and grounding through yoga, dance, and also art. Through DanceLAB & YogaLAB, Rochelle is integrating all of her passions! Born and raised in Northern California, she grew up learning to be very connected to her body through gymnastics and ballet. She earned a BA in Art Education and studied West African Dance for three years.  Since living in Carbondale for the past 7 years she has gotten married and had her daughter Ruby, danced for our local African dance troupe N’Goma, performed as a dancer in the Green is the New Black Fashion Shows, Directed Cirque d’ Sopris (the youth version of the fashion show), performed with CoMotion at the Thunder River Theater, graduated from True Nature's Integrative Yoga Therapy program, and taught art for 4 years at Ross Montessori.  


Deborah, the founder of DanceLAB, wears many hats in the Carbondale dance community- performer, educator, organizer and choreographer. She was classically trained as a child  in ballet studying Vaganova Technique and studied Limon and Graham modern techniques in college.  In 2011, Deborah received training Brain-Compatible Dance and Creative Dance Education with Anne Greene Gilbert. She has choreographed for and performed in  five of CCAH’s Green Is The New Black Fashion Extravaganzas and is a founding member and artistic director of CoMotion. She teaches modern dance through DanceLAB, serves as the Associate Director of Dance Initiative and works as the Operations Manager for CCAH. Deborah believes dance is not just an aesthetically pleasing art form, but is an educational and healing force that can sparks  new ways of living and being for both performer and audience.


A Rocky Mountain native, Meagan was born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she joined a touring Children's Repertory Company at age 12, and was an apprentice to Three Rivers Dance Company at age 16.  Through out her childhood she studied modern, ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theater and also participated in American Dance Festival and Perry Mansfield camps, helping Meagan to clarify her passion and dedication for contemporary dance. From 1995-1999, Meagan earned a degree in Dance & Choreography from Middlebury College and went on to dance in New York City with The Architects.  She resettled in Boulder, CO and received a masters in special education and worked as a classroom teacher, family advocate, and adjunct professor at the University of Denver.  n 2006, Meagan was in a serious accident and suffered from spinal injuries impacting all physical activity, especially dancing.  Through her recovery and rehabilitation, Meagan discovered a newfound love for how limitations in the physical body can create immense opportunity for new and creative exploration. She brings this curiosity and respect for how the physical body changes and evolves over time,  through injury, through pregnancy, and as a vehicle for the mind and spirit (which are always growing and changing) to her choreography and classes. Inspired by many contemporary techniques, the art of improvisation, and integrating the pedestrian, Meagan offers a challenging yet supportive environment for dancers of all ages and levels.  She co-teaches DanceLAB's Adult Creative Modern series with Deborah and offers a middle school composition dance class in the late fall. 


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